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hang test needed.. in Devon but will travel

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Hi all. .

Finally after my dk whisper died on me last year I have got another paramotor. . It's a axb hawk with a vitorazzi easy 100..

I need a hang test doing as I'm not sure how to setup this style of harness etc. . I live in Paignton Devon but I'm not bothered if I have to drive for a couple of hours to get it setup properly. .

The weather is lovely and I'm missing it all

Please help :)



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Hi all.

Yes I bought it secondhand. Just completely unsure how to setup the harness etc as my last one was a vest style harness.

I've seen a lot of info online about it but been hanging in the garage today but can't start it in there whilst hanging. And really struggling to setup the seat etc so I can get out and also sit correctly

Its an apco universal harness

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Ok all sorted. Managed to get hold of axb sports and I discovered that two of the straps had been connected to the harness for ground handling rather then to the frame.

Sorted that it and managed to do a hang test in my garage on the scaffolding we have :)

Tidied up the wiring that the previous owner had on there. Just need a new power cable as was manky.. weather to change and I'm all good for a few test flights :)

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