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New guy in NW USA, Washington

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Hello and welcome to the Paramotor Club. :-)

Our members are made up of about 5% from the USA / Canada and our visitors represent about 25% from the US and Canada. So fingers crossed someone will see this and reply. :-) :-)

Again, welcome and enjoy the training! :-)


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Finally someone from Washington ..lol. So your in Lynden. I'm in Stanwood (north snohomish county) . I'm just getting into the sport and I've had a hard time finding a forum in our neck of the woods myself. If you see this shoot me a message. :coptor:

Messaged ya!

Ive found a handful of people around the state, theres a few out there, but not alot!

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Hey I'm from Cloverdale which is ten minutes north of the border from blaine, washington. I would love to fly with others and might be flying and kite buggying on the Washington coast near grayland. Pm me if your interested.

Cool, buddy and I seen someone flying by white rock last summer, was that you? We fly at Semiahmoo and could see them across the water, I think it was white rock anyway...

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