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This is a shame and perhaps a bit short sighted by the new owners. I used to drop in for a bahgee and a half a Cobra after flights in the summer . There's a few other access routes to the main field, so shouldn't be an issue.


there is a gate by the bridge we cant park on the slip road to gate but can drive down and put kit in feild,and we cant drive down under bridge either.but i see there is a sold sign on the house nr the bridge so i will ask new owners when they move in.The feild the other side of powick nr river cant see why we cant use that it common land same as powick,nick rang the farmer who said he cant stop anyone from flying powick,just dont want us parking in feild,there is a gate right on the powick roundabout to other feild,we may need stacker truck to cart kit down the feild if useing gate by bridge,unless wind is east/west/nw

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What if we have the owners a "drink"? Has anybody approached them?

Hi kevin the owner came over to me.told him i have had permission for past 6yrs,he said we are the new owners and no we cant,maybe after they settle in anyone can go speak to him again feel free to do so lol,there is a gate nr brigde but bit of a track down the feild if wind is se/sw.but they may change there mind as time goes on.maybe if we say £2 to park might help,i dont think he will do it for free.didnt seem a happy chap,

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