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I'd like to introduce myself. I used to be a hang-glider pilot when I lived in Northern California and now I live in Northern Virginia and have started training in PPG. I am on the ground training stage, but couch flying at this time because of the cold and the snow in the area.

I know there is some great gear and they have improved a lot in the last 15 years. Based on the instructor's recommendations and my own research I got a couple of Macpara Chargers, for my son and me and when we are ready, I'll probably get the Air Conception 130cc.

I'd like to know PPG pilots around my area and when and where they fly. Are members are using LiveTrack24 or Loctome? which do they prefer? I see people in Europe using both services. I am planning on using flyskyhy. Is there other software that I should consider?

I am very excited about the sport and I hope to meet some of you and to have great time flying.




Macpara Charger 21.

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Welcome to the Paramotor Club :-)

I know a lot of the PG pilots use and play with the Livetrack24 but not sure that it's found it's way into the PPG scene here on any scale.

Please keep us updated with your training, maybe even start a training blog as they are mega useful reading for anyone getting into PPG and also a great log for yourself later down the line.

Again, welcome!


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