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Paramotor Trike - NPPL(M) Conversion - Training Cost £385


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Hi Folks

Just thought I would post my latest Paramotor Trike conversion training price.

:( The bad news is when flying a Paramotor Trike SSDR you are required to have an NPPL(M) licence.

:D The good news is it is a straight forward process and costs start from £385 inclusive

:?: If you about to buy a Trike especially a Tandem, I recommend you get some training first. That way you will be an educated buyer and avoid making a costly mistake.

Paramotor trike, to NPPL(M) Restricted Conversion minimum requirements

2 hours training £140

5 ground exams £125

GST £50 + £70

Fully inclusive all tests necessary

to get legal with an NPPL(M)

Powered Parachute


Total = £385

Price assumes that you meet the training requirements at each stage of training.

Call me on 07929 320 343 or email wayne@aerochute.co.uk. I would be very happy to talk through your needs.

Look forward to speaking to you.



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Although a little odd, when you have your NPPL (M) for your C42 you will also be able to fly a trike.

I think the above refers to an NPPL (M) with a Powered Parachute restriction.


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Hi Pete

The £385 covers the total cost of converting from a paramotor (CP rating) to an NPPL(M) Powered Parachute. It is the minimum you would need to do. This would get you legal on a Paramotor Trike.

As Simon says if you have an NPPL already then you are legal to fly a Paramotor Trike once you have done the differences training and got it in your log book.

The message I'm trying to get across is that if any one is flying these trikes already it's not as expensive to get an NPPL(M) Powered Parachute rating to be legal. I actually fly illegally myself (maybe I should not confess that on a forum!) for a while until I was able to get the correct training and get certified.

I'm reserving some weekends this year to give instruction for those paramotor trike flyers who want get legal. get in touch and I will take you through the process.

Hope that helps clarify




tel 07929 320343


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I reckon it's around another £300 on top to register your wing with the CAA and apply the same registration to the wing, then there is the extra cost of depreciation on the wing due to having the G reg on it.

Motor also needs fireproof plate with registration affixed as well.

(To be fully legal)

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The only one at the moment is the Aerochute Supplied by Wayne. They are well made but I just can't get my head around the side by side seating arrangement.


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