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Hi All

I have a pap ROS 125 which is great starts 1st / 2nd pull but takes a good pull. Which is great when on the floor. I would like to ask people there thoughts on best option for starting once wearing motor.

The kick start strap system is ok but limited unless you have something to lean on.

My thought is do I buy a different unit with better starting characteristics or a fit different motor in the PAP chassis I am fairly good mechanically but are the pit falls with trying to achieve this.

Any Thoughts would be appreciated.



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Does your pull-start extend far enough so you can stand up fully when it is attached to your foot?

I find I can stand on one leg for half a second whist I kick the motor.

Another option is to enlarge the decompression hole, so that it's easier to tun over.

Be careful with the cylinder plating though- you should use a domed dremel to smooth of the edges.

I have done this recently, and as a result it's much easier to start. There's also no loss of performance, as we use these motors at high rpm, and the decompression hole only affects low rpm.

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