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2nd spark plug knackered !


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Has anyone had the problem of spark plugs stopping working ? The 1st one was only 2 hrs old,having warmed the engine up for a couple of mins it just died, looked at everything as not getting a spark then Colin lent me a used plug and it worked perfectly!!

Bought a couple of iridium plugs and had no problem on last 2 flights totalling a couple of hours.

Today warmed up engine for 3-4 mins got hooked in, re-started but not getting full power on run with wing overhead so aborted take off. Tried to re-start but no joy. Back at base put in a new plug and it fired up 1st pull and would give full power!!

Any ideas on how a plug could get knackered after just 2 hrs flying?

Thanks Gary

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Gary remind me mate...

Is yours the one that was over primed that Clive Mason had a look at and sorted for you? Cant remember... If so is this a new issue?

Hope your well mate. :-)


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Gaz they advised me to adjust my low jet on the carb, I went to the field today and put everything together, started the motor then it stopped. To cut a long story short we found the plug had failed just completely broke down which I found very bizarre. So off to halfords for a new plug, all seems well now, I went for a short flight and the motor behaved itself, although I am a bit twitchy as I cant understand why or what killed the plug.

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I had noticed that there was quite a bit of oil on the prop so thinking it could be the 2stroke oil, I bought some new 2stroke oil and fuel cleaned the old plug (glass bead blasted it) put it back in and ran the engine up for 5 mins to clear out the carb, still got a bit of oil on prop, cleaned it off ran again for 5 mins and didn't notice any more oil on it. Hopefully this may have cured it. It was too misty for a fly but will try on next good day. Gaz

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