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Roadster 2 or another Revo 2


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Having had the very first Revo 2 off the production line 41/2 years ago, around 300 flights later it's time for a change. The problem is I've never flown anything except a Revo (Revo 1 during training), so although I have plenty of experience, it's all on one manufacturers wing.

Here are my long term observations on this wing:

Strong material, it's lasted really well in rough, dry conditions, but is also a thicker and heavier material.

Easy to launch for a heavier wing.

Quite fast (28mph)

Trimming doesn't really change the speed range +/- 2mph

Terrible glide ratio (-500fpm)

Fast landings.

Stable in flight (really important for my photo work)

All of the above seem to correspond with a heavier wing

My requirements from my next wing:

In flight stability, as good or better than Revo2

More trim speed range

Slower landings

A little more agile

So, my question to those in the know is, would the Ozone R2 be a better choice than another Paramania Revo?

Thanks in advance :)

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Have a look at the new Ozone Scirocco, brand new to the market. Its basically a lightweight Speedster. I'm waiting for the reviews before I spend my heard earned but I like the idea of new tech and lightweight.

Thanks Rob. It looks very nice, although not quite sure what the advantage over the Speedster is apart from a lighter albeit more delicate material. I would worry about longevity. My Revo 2, although a much heavier material has lasted amazingly well.

But I guess the other dilemma if not the Revo2, then a Speedster or a Roadster2?

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Have you considered the synth 2 as well? ( just to add a little more confusion to your pot.)

Super solid wing for filming and pics if that's your main thing, I recommend that you at least get a go on one :-)


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Be interesting to know how you get on with it Dan, have you test flown it?

Cheers, Alan

Hi Alan.

No test flight, in fact I've only ever flown a Revo 2, all 200+ hrs so it's a bit of a leap of faith. Mind you, my needs are modest. I'll be happy so long as it launches well in nil wind, lands slowly, fly's stable with a good glide/climb ratio, cruises around 28mph and is made with quality materials. That's all :)

I've spoken at length with someone that has one with similar requirements to me, and he's changing his after a year for exactly the same.

I could have got a Roadster 2 for a couple hundred pounds more, but to be honest the Niviuk Link sounds more up my street.

Will let you know.


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