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cors-air m25y exhaust


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hi all

daft question from a newbie, sorry! I have a black devil 172cc engine on my black hawk & noticed this morning when a started it up in the garden the the ball joint(?) connection on the exhaust which is held together by 3 springs has quite a lot of movement & residue was escaping from the joint. My question s should it be sealed with something/ if so what?


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Most manufacturers leave this joint dry however it will wear out over time. The best solution so far is to disassemble and coat each face in Hondabond HT (aka Yamabond or Kawabond). Leave this to dry overnight (better still 24 hours) before reassembling. After reassembly ensure that your exhaust springs are wirelocked so that in the event of a spring failure they don't go through the prop (I learned the hard way!). This process will last 25-50 hours before needing repeating but will make your exhaust system last the life of your motor.

Hondabond HT can be bought from Motocross shops and online. Let me know if you need more info.

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