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Selling Kit. First to go: Microavionics headset plus helmet


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With a rather sorry heart I am going to sell all of my paramotor kit. I have loved the sport and I got up to around 75 hours of powered flight but due to a variety of reasons I am going to give it up for now. My career has got very busy and I keep having to move house; with another expensive hobby that keeps me busy in the winter, and paragliding / free flying occupying my scarce free time in the summer, I am just not getting the opportunities to use my amazing paramotoring kit.

It may be that in a few years' time I settle down in one place and take it up again, but for now the most sensible option for now is to sell the kit. I have bought a new dedicated paragliding wing, though my Paramania worked well without power (see photos).

I will sell the kit through Simon, and I will try to get it down to him in the coming weeks, once I have sent the wing off to aerofix for its annual inspection. I have a Parajet Volution Macro (with Volution 2 frame upgrade) and a large Paramania Fusion wing. All in good nick - more details to come in a post when I get round to coming down Yorkshire to drop it off with Simon.

In the meantime, I am selling my Microavionics PM-100 headset along with a free helmet. Details are on the eBay auction here:

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/161541527379? ... EBIDX%3AIT




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