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Viking PPG Motor Mounts - UK dealer?

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This is my own personal experience and in no way meant to deter you...... BUT....

I replaced the normal black ones on my Moster Zenith. Vibration through the harness was very apparent and high frequency. After a half hour flight I landed to find that the 6 of the 12 allen bolts holding the bottom frame together had fallen out in flight meaning that I couldn't stand the machine upright. I checked every nut and bolt and several others were also loose.

I spoke to the manufacturer who were sorry to hear of my experience and gave me an immediate refund.

Those big black squishy motor mounts absorb an awful lot that more solid mounts will transmit to the frame.

On the flip side, I think a lot of people have got on just fine with them.

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I have only recently replaced the mounts on my polini engined Parajet V2 because I thought they were sagging too much although they were like that when I got from new. It turns out that Parajet stock two varieties of the black mount, the soft one I had originally fitted and a firmer version. Both types were available in two lengths and I have to say having now fitted the firmer one it hardly saggs at all and there is no noticeable increase in vibration during flight.

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Tested them, specs looked promising, looked great having red mounts.

In flight though, no thanks, flying a Moster on poly mounts I couldn't see my friend standing in the garden due to the vibration in my eyes. 1 flight and i put rubber ones back on, all good again.

If you have a really smooth heavy engine and its sagging, that is the only time I would consider poly mounts.

If you haven't seen them, they are like skate board wheels. Not very soft. Not like the poly mounts on my car.

Just for info, swapping the standard mounts on a front wheel drive tdi Audi over to poly ones dramatically reduces torque steer under hard acceleration :)

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