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Bose QC20 NC headphones


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Has anyone tried Bose QC20 noise cancelling in-ear headphones with a PPG?

I have the over ear QC15's and the noise cancellation is very good. I tried them with the PPG, but the noise overwhelmed them. However, with the QC20's you could put them under a set of Pelter ear defenders and they should do an excellent job of getting rid of the din that interferes with in-flight music entertainment.

Here's a in-depth review from a motorcycle website:


and Amazon


Happy New Year to you all, and here's hoping to move on the 8kg of non-muscle material that got lost, and temporarily found shelter around my waist.


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I tried all sorts. I like the Bose and tried aviation Anr Bose £900 plus a set, noise cancelling were good but the muff was not enough to dampen Ppg engine noise. The in ear ones you suggest, I'm surprised that they work as the Anr mic in on the headphone lead.

I decided on Anr paramotor headsets. Http://www.paramotorhelmet.co.uk

On these the Anr mic is located inside the ear muff on both sides for maximum effectiveness. Most other Anr systems rely on listening outside of the ear muff. This defeats the object and makes Anr in effective which is why you often hear people say Anr doesn't work in ppg. Well if setup right it certainly does work very well.

A good ear seal, an effective muff and dual individual headset setup. 1 Anr mic, 1 Anr speaker, 1 com speaker all built into each headset. A ptt button and an insulated flexible boom mic with real dynamic noise compensation mic.

Never looked back.

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That is me (paramotor helmets). I tried various alternatives over my time until I found the Anr stuff, I was to good not to share. Yes I got the radios, tried a few of those. The gt3 is s budget radio but far as I can tell you loose very little for big savings.

Most of the time I fly with my iPod, not the radio. When I do use the radio the dnc mic is twice as clear as the standard electret (apparently noise cancelling) mic.

I use the radio switched to a pmr channel. My mate has a pmr only radio from his works and we can talk easily.

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I also have a pair of Bose qc20 headphones. They are fantastic at cancelling noise. Not all noise but are pretty good.

On the ground they cancel a paramotor surprisingly well. Well within comfort limits.

In the air, the wind noise becomes the problem. I tried pulling a hat over to reduce but that only helped a little bit. Looking about the sky and wing, one dropped out.

I think some modification is needed, maybe stick some boom fluff, wind noise mic fluffy stuff over the outside of the EarPods might do the trick.

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I have these:


Best $150 I ever spent.

They cut out the low frequency noise from the prop - turning the ANR off and on is like night and day.

The Passive muffs actually make the low frequency noise worse imho. I can now fly until my tank is empty...

I got these recently and they were terrible.  A wire came out the first flight and there is almost no difference in the sound level whether they are switched on or off.  I fly a Miniplane, which is not a noisly engine.


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Really? The difference is night and day on mine.  In fact I won't fly anymore without them.  What do you mean by a wire came out?  The only wire is the one between cups?

When I first got them I thought there was no difference - but that was because they were not sealing around my ears properly.  Once adjusted so they sealed, the difference was amazing.

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Notch, I switched mine off and on to confirm that they were working.  There is a difference, but not much.  I often have to wear ear defenders all day for my work, so I am quite used to adjusting them.  Maybe I just had a duff pair. 

To be more accurate about the wire, it was the wire from the earcup to the microphone.  The outer sheaving came away where the cable enters the earcup..............and this was the very first time that I used the microphone.

Having said all that, NoiseBuster were very good and refunded the purchase.

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