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Risk Assessment for use of land


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Thanks Simon, I don't mind keeping this in the clear for the help of others.

The lady I spoke to identified one risk as access by pupils or local residents to the astroturf (part of the playing field is astroturf) during out of school hours with the risk of injury.

Whilst the school gates are open there is always a caretaker on site who can remove the 'trespassers'.

I'll suggest a couple:

Personal injury.

Injury to third party. (Permission for use is being put forward when no other event is going on)

Unavailability of field for landing after flight. (There is a large flat field adjacent to the playing field)

I'm visiting the school tomorrow so can follow up on this.



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OK, seems like you have the format :-)


Personally I have never included 'personal injury' in a risk assessment and it has never been asked for (even by the TV companies) so maybe leave that one out.?

If you have to put it in there, your training and experience are the obvious ones for that section, plus access for emergency services, and a landowner disclaimer (which I have one of) But again, unless asked for I would leave that one out myself. :-)


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