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Scottish Borders/ North Northumberland

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You should 'do clubs' :-) call it something else if it makes you feel better :-) :-)

That's what it was like here many moons ago... I would take of for a fly and see one or two people on the horizon also flying paramotors. I set up a forum for our little group...

here is the link to that little group www.paramotorclub.org :-)

The British are good at clubs :-) :-) It just takes a couple of people to make posts like this and before you know it you have a group of people flying :-) :-)

I have to say, I do envy some of the awesome places you have to fly in that area!


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Hi I live in Berwick, I've seen one other paramotor pilot in air , but up here we have so much airspace and scenery that there is space for a club or a group of similar pilots, I plan t try to do some xc or fly camping next year s hope to meet a group of pilots planning same, thanks

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Hiya, I travel to Berwick a fair bit so would be happy to fly with you if you like. I know someone who flys around there sometimes but he is usually up with work. Give me a shout on my email stuart at suth.net and we can hopefully hook up. You travel much? I keep meaning to fly the Borders more often.

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