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Events team WANTED.


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I would like to put in place for 2015 an events team of 5-6 people to arrange a number of PMC events each year.

One role which will require some paperwork will be the budget manager who's job it will be to not overspend!! no experience is required for this, its just a case of keeping a count on spend for the events.

The rest of the team needs to be made up of keen pilots with a varied background so please do pop your head above the water if that's you.

Meetings will either be held in Online form where possible or at Membury Airfield when a face to face meeting is more suited, so your location may be a consideration.

So in a nutshell, you will be expected to organise some fly-in's and club competitions (and so on) :-)

All interested people should either reply here or PM me.



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Event's team got! :-)

Thanks to those that have!!!

I will be setting up a group before xmas (as per instructors, and full members links at the bottom of the forum) with all of those who are now to be known as Party makers!!! :-) :-)

An events team made up of paramotor pilots with a budget! What could possibly go wrong!! LOLOLOLOL

It looks like there is allot going on in the Paramotor scene for 2015 from both PMC and others :-) !! BRILLIANT !!

Here is to an awesome year!! 'again!' :-)


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