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If Money Was Not An Issue....What Would Your Kit Be?


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With so many manufacturers to choose from these days, it can be daunting for the newcomer, or frustrating for the experienced.

So I would like to open up a discussion that frees the boundaries of money.

So......if money was not an issue ( you can choose any wing, any motor, any frame ) all the worries of spare parts, local service, repairs etc, do not matter.....what would your "dream kit" consist of?

I understand that some have not flown with anything else other than what they have now, and are quite happy with that....knowing what you know now, would you change?.....would you want something more modern?....or are you happy with the good old reliable kit you have now.

I do condone the fact that it is always better to "try before you buy"....but most of us do not have that luxury of having a dozen gliders and motors at our disposal so that we can pick and choose.

I just want to make this a bit of fun and get some different perspectives on what is out there.

So.....to start it off, I'll give you my Dream Kit.....a Bailey V5S in a Matrix frame, just because the frame is new and looks great, plus I am a big fan of 4 strokes. As for my wing, I believe the "Shark Nose" concept is the way of the future...so I would like to test fly the Viper 3 from Ozone and also the Kougar 2 from Nuvuik to decide which one.

So....if money was not an issue.....what would your dream kit be?

Have Fun.


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+1 for the V5 and I'm lucky enough to fly one. Very comfortable and economic.

As far as the wing it would have to be a try before you buy, and like you I think the shark nose is the way forward.

Based on what I've read the Kougar 2 or the Roadster 2 would be top of the list.

Oh. and a back lawn big enough to take off and land on :wingover:

Cheers, Alan

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