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Best Picture yet.


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Thank you everyone. Your write up was particularly good Norman thank you.

Good photo's dont take the best kit, superb technic or exotic locations. They just take a bit of luck.Right place, right time and the camera in your hand instead of the glovebox.

Cheers Col...

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If the club can make use of it happy to donate. Good idea the calander. How about it Simon club photo comp with the top 12 being used for a club calander or the like?

Here is a link to a quick example I put together from my own collection of pictures (some I took, others not). This is very much just a rough cut to show what is possible. Be careful, it is a 15Meg download. In this form (10"x8" professionally printed, picture pages above the calendar pages) it will cost less than £20 delivered per copy.

If people are interested then please send me high resolution copies of your best pictures and I'll put something together. I'm sure I can get the cost down for bulk orders but I've only spent 10 minutes on it so far.

I'm happy to put some serious effort in if there is enough demand.


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Have you thought about an academic year calendar - July to July? Most of us don't like the December changeover anyway and it makes an opportunity. Seasonal pictures required though. It could go really well, particularly for the right motivating influence.... :wink:

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