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Re-Introduction - NEW for 2015


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Hi fellow PMC members.

This is a sort of “re-introduction” as I've been here for a while, but now things have changed I wanted to post this update.

I am the C.F.I at Ufly4fun.com and have been training pilots to fly since 2009 when I first opened the school. I started out as an independent instructor and as well as being an APPI-PPG Instructor, APPI-PPG Tandem Pilot and BHPA Club Coach, I have now become a registered PMC qualified Instructor. (QFI-2659)

I am happy to announce that my school - “Ufly4fun Paramotor Club” are now going to be the “Norfolk and South Lincolnshire Branch” of the Paramotor Club (.org), and I will be training new students to the Paramotor Club’s PPG1 and PPG2 syllabus. I will also be holding FREE assessments for any pilot who wishes to obtain a PPG1 or PPG2 rating so they can get the new insurance that is available for full PMC club members.

We are mainly based centrally in Norfolk at Shipdham Airfield, and at Wingland Airfield in South Lincolnshire.

My Main dealerships are with “Dudek Paragliders” and “Bulldog Paramotors” We use this excellent equipment to train our students, or they can use their own suitable equipment if we feel it is safe.

I’m looking forward to seeing some of you in 2015 at the PMC fly-ins, and I know there are some other good things coming up, so very much look forward to next year. :D


Mike “Chilly” Chilvers.

C.F.I Ufly4fun Paramotor Club

07785 544378


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Spoil sport! I wanted to do that :lol:

A Warm welcome, Chily 'see what I did there' :-) It's great to have you and your skill's flying the PMC flag :-)

There are going to be a few more introductions like this over the next few weeks which is obviously great news for the club and people across the UK who want to learn to fly a paramotor!

Again welcome and thank you!


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