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Sleeping bags.


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To all who are going to the Dartmoor Training on the 1st and 2nd of march....

Please ensure that you bring.

A sleeping bag, and a roll mat if you have one.

A knife fork and Spoon.

A Plate and Mug.

Notepad / paper, and a pens / pencils.

All normal flying kit including wing and motor (including ground crew)

Pete B is driving his van down and can fit a small number of motors in the back if taken apart.

Please let me know if you are happy to make your own way to Dartmoor or not and then I can decide on a minibus and or people carrier for the remaining motors and people.

It's just a few days away now!!!! Yipppeeeeee.


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I'll be driving myself down and would be happy to offer a lift to anyone from my area (Bracknell) that needs it. Plenty of room for a passenger and normal kit but it might be a struggle to get another Paramotor in.

How cold is it likely to be in the bunkhouse? I've got an Argos special sleeping bag but I was wondering if It might be a good time to get something a bit more substantial.



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Will be under my own steam Simon, travelling from Farnborough, Hants. No room for extra kit but do have a passenger seat available if anyones stuck.

What time do you want us at Dartmoor Saturday morning.

I've got it somewhere but can you give me the post code so l can tap it into my Tom Tom.

This weekend looks a bit on the windy side, hope it improves for Sun/Mon

Regards Mike :D

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