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GPS Tracking (not spam)


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One of the replies to last weeks spam got me thinking.

Far from wanting to conceal our location, there are good reasons why we might want others to know exactly where we are.

I have been looking at these devices http://www.rewiresecurity.co.uk/product/tk102-nano-gps-tracker for fitting to bikes.

In short, it's a GPS with it's own sim card (on pay as you go) which will send, on demand, either GPS locations by text or a real time position on a map.

The same thing (probably) can be had for half the price on Ebay. At £30 I'm tempted to get one just to try it out.

If it does what it claims, it would be useful to fit to a paramotor both for emergency location if you go missing and for location of your motor if it were to be stolen.

Has anyone on here had any experience with these devices?

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I think the accuracy is quoted as 3m to 5m with GPS signal, or about 50m with mobile phone signal only.

It's enough that I can see on a map that my van is parked in my driveway, not on the road.

It is a cheap tracker.

I doubt that it will make much difference to your insurance, as it's probably not approved (doesn't claim to be) and they would probably want it to be installed by a third party who will charge far in excess of the hardware cost.

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It may not reduce your insurance at the point of purchase..

But, when your car/van gets stolen and you phone the insurance company to inform them. Let them know that although no discount was offered at the time you still opted to fit a tracker and you can provide that information for £XXX :-) lol

Which is of course a joke (or trying to be)


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The thing is if your car is nicked it's usually dropped off somewhere public for a day or two to if it's got tracker and is recovered.

From what you've described you could find it before it disappears for good and end up with bottom book price from your friendly insurance company, I think I'll have a look at these.

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That is exactly my reasoning.

I have no more confidence in insurance companies than in any other financial institution (pensions etc). They are all essentially gambling and will do what they can to weight the odds in their favour.

None of the smiley faces represent 'rant' in an adequate manner.

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