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practising a engine out landout that went badly wrong.

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Conditions today were fantastic for flying, 2 perfect takeoffs and equally perfefect landings, my flying partner today was a french guy called fix who had two problems today which forced him to land out, so track him down through some farm yard and returned him to the field. His day was over, so this got me thinking what would I do and how would I react, I think its time to see. I cut my engine at 900 ft pulled my trimmers in and started my decent, all good so far until I made the decision to pull a hard turn which I needed to stay the right side of the field but I dove far to quick I thought I was not going to make the barred wire fence so pulled hard to the right to miss the fence which stoved me into the ground very hard. If I were flying anything other than the volution parajet I think it would of ended in the bin. The badly mis judged landing was caught on camera, watch this space.

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Hats off to you for posting this George, I had a similar but not so rough landing early on in my flying history.

After an engine out I thought I could make 'the next field' but had a hard landing in the ditch on the track next to it.

Nothing damaged fortunately but the lesson learnt was I should have made a couple of S turns and landed in the previous field.

Glad you are OK,

Cheers, Alan

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Thanks for posting - it would be easy to pretend that didn't happen but this will help the rest of us avoid doing the same so good for you and thanks.

However, maybe this wasn't such a bad landing, you are ok, your machine is ok and you missed the fence, I'd classify that as a success :-)

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Hi all,

I'm the French pilot who was with George and recorded the video (before that, I just had two engine failures... the first one I was able to take-off again, but the second one, George had to bring me back by car).

As it's probably understandable if you watched the video, George had me worried sick when I saw him land... But, fortunately, no damage done! And I think it's a great experience to build on and to cut the engine high enough and train to land without the engine is still a very good training. As mentioned by Alan, an S-turn approach can help a lot (as aiming not to close to the fence :))

Kudos George to have shared the video!



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Hi Fix. We swapped emails before you left for England. How does flying in England compare to flying in the Midi Pyrenees? What's good and what's not so good?


Hi Christian!

Well, the worst part is the weather of course. The good slots are way more rare here (the last months are the one I've been flying the less since I started four years ago)...

But it's nice to meet new pilots and see new landscape!


(sorry George to highjack your post :))


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