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help, volution 2 with no thrust

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Here we go again, I have changed my 3 blade prop system on my macro 2 for a 2 blade. I purchased a new pulley from parajet which I believe is for the compact and have purchased an after market carbon 125 with a reduction of 2.7 prop. I went for a fly tonight and had to abort my takeoff as the thrust was well down and would never of got me off the ground. We checked the rpm and it was reving at 7900 so the engine is fine. Any ideas guys, cheers.

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The Compact runs a 2.6:1 hub driving a 3 blade prop

The Macro runs either a 3.2:1 reduction hub driving a 3 blade prop or the 2.6:1 hub driving a 2 blade hub.

George has a Macro, now set up with the 2.6:1 hub and a 2 blade prop.

So that means he must be under pitched........doesn't it?

given he has recorded 7900rpm engine speed , which is around the XT172 specified max.

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