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Keeping my motor without flying it for a loooong time?...

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I am about to start my PPL and will have to devote all of my flying time to that, leaving little/no time for my paramotor. Then next August I'm going travelling for a year or potentially a bit more.

So, in short, my paramotor is going to be mostly/totally unused for a long time, maybe a couple of years. Does it do a motor any harm to be stored in the shed without being used? It is a Fresh Breeze Solo 210 by the way. I am considering selling it and buying another one when we return in a couple of years time. Either that or I could keep it, but I am not sure what I can do to ensure it doesn't deteriorate. Any thoughts?

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Mate, you will most likely find that you will deffo have time for both. :-)

Most PPL instruction is a max of 3 hours a day.

Good luck with it!! :-) I am waiting for the weather for my GFT as I type.


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Cheers Simon. Yes, you're probably right that I might be able to continue while I'm doing my PPL, but I definitely can't take it traveling (one car loaded with my wife and two children and all our gear - no paramotor space) so it will be stored in the shed for at least a year then.

So is it OK to store it for that long? What's 'fogging oil' then?

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