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early top 80 gearbox


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Ok here we go.can anyone see a reason for not replacing the grease in the gearbox for oil.

i took mine apart and found that the cogs were badly worn they have to be replaced.the rear bearing was badley worn through lack of grease since most of the grease was stuck to the side of the gearbox ,and being as the rear bearing was not a sealed bearing it relied on the grease for lubrication only the front bearing has a seal.so i intend to replace it with a sealed unit thats both bearings taken care of.now all i have to do is choose the right oil to lubricate the gear cogs and right amount,this is all trial and error,and the cogs ay cheep .there is no level plug on this gearbox but if you ay loosing it you ay useing it lets see what happens :oops:

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