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* On the 29th of July 2008, Six Paramotor Pilots start an epic flight for there chosen charities, ‘The Forces Children's Trust' & ‘The Regional Air Ambulances'. They are flying from Lands End to John O'Groats. They will cross 20 counties, over 700 miles and expect this flight to take 8 days of intense flying with most nights spent in tents at paramotorclub.org affiliate clubs along the route. They will have to navigate around major airways such as Plymouth, Exeter, Bristol, Birmingham, and East Midlands (not to mention the military Fighter Jet dog fighting in Scotland!)

The team have to land every 2-3 hours for petrol food and water. The weather will play a huge part in this flight and very difficult decisions will be getting made every few moments as we fly through the UK's changing weather systems. "In all this is a massive mission, but one I know we can get done."

The event will be filmed by pilot camera and filmed from the ground. It will include interviews with pilots, sponsors, and all involved. A DVD will be produced with this footage and made for sale on the website soon after the flight to raise more money for the charities.

They aim to create as much media interest as possible in order to raise much needed exposure for the chosen charities, and hope to attract corporate sponsorship as a result of this.

As they fly along the trip paramotor club.org members from all over the UK will join them, "we expect that we could have 30 pilots in the air at any one time and up to 100 involved in all! I think we will have company for much of the trip "

They will have Online live tracking of the team and the pilots will fill in a short daily online diary for web viewers, with pictures from the day's events.

The Charities:

The Forces Children's Trust.

The purpose of the Forces Children's Trust is to assist dependent children who are in need, whose father or mother has died or is seriously injured whilst a serving member of the Armed Forces.

It was founded by Mr. Denny Wise who, with his extensive show-business background and contacts, had spent many years giving so much time to fund-raising for so many good causes and charities. Following many heart-breaking stories that have emerged from the losses in Afghanistan and Iraq, Denny was concerned that the subsequent needs of the affected children, were not being fully addressed. He was particularly moved by the number of children left without a parent.

"This Charity is very small and any funds we raise will help in a huge way. One Sponsor would generate a years worth of donations!".

Many of the UK's Air ambulances are NOT paid for by the Government, the Paramedics and pilots can often be found shaking pots in the streets so that they can buy more fuel and save more life's.

10 of the Regional Air Ambulances across the UK will benefit from the money raised from this event. 50% will be split between the air ambulances our route passes over.

Cornwall will be the first to benefit which is fitting as it was the UK's first ever Air Ambulance and set the ball rolling for the rest of the UK.

There are a number of reasons why The Air Ambulance's should benefit from this flights fund raising. Not least the danger involved in Paramotoring, way more so though, Paragliding, Motorcycling, Horse racing, even driving to work! The list is endless the money pot is not.

What can you do to get involved?

We require all six of our pilots to be sponsored for a minimum of £5k per pilot in return you can expect a fully branded Paramotor Wing (31 square meters) and pilot, helmet, Flight Suit, Paramotor, & tent. The Ground Crew, a 4x4 a van, and a motorcycle will also be fully branded. We will ensure that a sponsor's logo will appear on all future printed and digital media, including T-shirts, and the soon to launch Tip to Tip 2008 website. (Our current site has 900 visitors per day. Imagine what it will be like during the live tracking, as advertised on TV!)

After the Event the wings will be 'de-badged to protect the sponsors against mis use of wing' and then auctioned / sold to cover as much of the cost of the event as possible.

Our team of regional Paramotor Clubs is helping to pull in as much media interest as possible; it is generating a very positive response from the BBC and the ITV across the UK. (The first showing on TV will be shortly after the 1st - 2nd of march)

This is a great chance for any business to get national exposure and have a real effect on two very worthy charities. People already involved consist of:

Hewlett Packard, http://welcome.hp.com/country/uk/en/welcome.html Sponsoring one of the Tip to Tip wings with The Channel IT http://www.thechannel-it.co.uk/ a Preferred Partner of Hewlett Packard.

Parajet Ltd, http://www.parajet.com/ Supplying Parajets for flying and a full spares backup (FOR FREE)

Paramania, http://www.flyparamania.com/ Supplying the Wings for the Tip to Tip with a greater amount of support than any other wing manafacturer could offer, they are also helping with media coverage overseas.

Andy Powell, http://www.abcstudio.co.uk/ building Tip to Tip 2008 site. ( www.tiptotip.co.uk ) If you are setting up a site, give this guy a call, he is a great guy and knows his stuff.

I am posting this document and asking Paramotor Club members to do the same

Kind Regards

Simon Westmore

Founder http://www.paramotorclub.org/

07983 428 453


Denny Wise

Founder: Forces Children's Trust www.forceschildrenstrust.org

07973 281 765

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