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How to remodel your Macro lugs!


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Here is a slightly more reasonable way to "adjust" your Harness arm lugs if they have gone out of adjustment as the result of .....erhem.... a fall or something :oops:

Rather than welting them with a lump hammer!

The pivot arm in question was flopping all over the place as a result of an opening that was only +0.8mm over standard, probably exacerbated by worn bushes, as well.


It's an M6 bolt and nuts with steel and nylon washers to protect the ally. You need to over-close the gap by 1-2mm to allow for the metal to spring back.

This solution goes with all the usual caveats, including a very detailed inspection around the lug to satisfy yourself there is no stress induced cracking.

But it did get the thumbs up from Parajets engineers ......."they were quite impressed with the solution"

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I pull the attachment pin out by screwing an M6 bolt into the pin such that I can carefully lever it out against the outside of the lug.once the pin is out I use another M6 bolt as in the photo, but with a flanged nut that you can't see in the recess of the inner lug, it just slides up in there.

Then by turning the nut on the outside you can clamp the lugs together to close them up. It took me three goes to get the right over tightening to leave me with the correct gap- I didn't want to over do it and then gave to open the gap up, so I was taking it easy.

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