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Free winter health check!


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From the 01st of October 2014 until the 01st of February 2015 I would like to offer a FREE paramotor health check to all paid members of the Paramotor Club.

We will be providing this service every Sunday morning between the above dates. :-)

If you are not a paid member, and would like to use this facility please consider upgrading your membership (via the 'my subscriptions' link) in the box on the right hand side.

To book your motor in, please give me a call on the Friday before. :-) :-)

There will be all manor of mechanical people available 'including certified aviation engineers'

I hope to see you soon! :-)


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Hi sy

I would like to take advantage of your health check.I have a slightly bent swingarm and would be happy for DR Borland or Dr Spigot to look at it.this is a recent perches,and not having a manual don,t help,my biggest concern is the prop centrafugal clutch carbon prop and when i spin it by hand it makes a noise the same as a marble rolling down a tube.also there is top play in the prop of about half an inch that would be a quater top and bottom anyway i will ring you to night to arrange a consultation :lol::coptor:

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