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Hi all

I am struggling to get my PAP ROS 125 to hang properly. It is hanging back a little on landing making things a little more difficult than maybe things should be. The PAP fly's well but pulls back a little too much on landing nil power. I have done some limited hang tests on a basic beam in the garden but due to the space struggle really to get a best results.

Being a stocky build with short legs well that's the polite description :)

1. Could it be literally that the bulk of my body weight it in my upper body and therefore this weight behind the Riser connection point ? I have dropped the recommended hang point connection point back one position to make it a little better.

2. Do you think having the reserve up high behind the head (PAP reserve container) could effect the hang angle ?

3. Although I have had the legs straps loose enough to get a flat hand behind the strap when buckled up.

Could it be the legs straps are a little tight and restricting me getting far enough forward out of seat ?

If anyone has or have had a PAP ROS 125 that might be in a position to advise . Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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I have the PA125, and don't use the recommended holes for my weight. In fact I am two holes off what PAP recommends. This is so a can get around a 5-10 degree angle (closer to vertical) when powered, and 15-20 when landing.

The lesser angle means less possibility of riser twist.

But just make sure your cage does not come too close to your brakes (otherwise your hang angle will be negative, or facing down).

Works well for me, and for a buddy of mine that flew the PAP ROS125.


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I have had a PAP rosmotor since it was first launched and being short and stocky build found the same problem. I have the risers one hole back than PAP recomend for my weight which sorted the hang angle and when landing stand up and push chest forward ,a bit of a wriggle gets me right out of the seat. Touch wood haven't hit the frame on landing for years now ( yea I know silly thing to say) .


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