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Think thrust will be a suck it and see job. Booted I'm just under 60kg and flying a 23 fusion. It's got enough grunt for easy nil wind takeoff and a leisurely climb. But for playing low level I require a little more :-)

And it does indeed have a clutch :-)

Come on down to Membury and have a test fly.


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If you want light weight and don't need mega thrust then the Miniplane is fantastic at 18-19kg (weight depends on whether you have weight-shift bars or not).

If you need light weight and more thrust, I would suggest the Air Conception with the 130cc motor which is between 18.5kg for the lightest model and 22kg for the heaviest (which includes weight-shift bars, clutch and electric start).

If you need even more thrust then you could look at the Air Conception with the Moster (180cc) engine which comes it at just under 23kg.

http://www.custom-air.co.uk/Custom_Air_ ... motor.html

Hope this helps.


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