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Florida Experience

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Hi Guys.

I have just returned from Florida on a vacation and can thoroughly recommend Aviatorppg just south of Orlando.


Fully Certified By USPPA and ASC.

Eric Farwell is the owner and trains paramotor flying. He trains with Nirvana Trikes as well as foot launch, has all new gear and Dudek Universal wings amongst others.

In the USA, trike flying is unregulated like foot launch, so you can learn to fly a trike legally.

Eric is a very easy going calm instructor and a superb pilot.

We flew every day we visited and learned a lot.



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Do you have any vids / pics you can post of the area?

I do actually quite fancy a blat out to Florida to catch up with a couple of old mates and for a squirt on the trikes :-)


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Hey there Simon, Mike's post inspired me to join the forum, I hope I am welcome here despite being in the States!

Lots and lots of flying videos and what not from my flying here:


Info on the shop and business at:


Love to have folks from the UK visit any time... You must bring a sense of humor and a love for flying though ;)

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You are more than welcome :-)

We have members here from most corners of the planet. I am actually surprised that we don't have more members from the USA.

Will check out the videos a little later when I have the time to watch them properly. :-)

Again, welcome! :-)


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