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Bailey V5 now flying


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After a rather extended and sometimes frustrating period of time I now have a complete V5.

I was lucky enough to find a 2nd hand engine with only 5 hours on it, and I thought to myself if I don't take advantage of this I shall forever be kicking myself.

So a good deal was struck then a new frame/cage and harness were ordered from Morgy of this parish.

Mark could not have been more helpful with all the information to complete the build and all the daft questions I had.

As I'm sure most of you know the V5 is a low hang point machine, so a new departure for me. I set up a hang test in the garage and had to adjust the suspension points backwards quite a lot, plus of course shorten the brake lines on the wing.

Last night was the inaugural flight, and I had a spectator :?

Well it was a bit of a hop and a skip take off and then I couldn't get into the harness without releasing one of the brakes and giving a good tug at the harness.

I found that I had a lot of pitch change with throttle adjustment and realised the hang points were too far back. I had a bimble about for half an hour then came in to land and was pleased with the flare authority achievable with a low hang point setup.

I adjusted the hang points on the swing arms and had packed the wing away but there was still a nice gentle breeze to assist forward launches so I set up again.

Second time around was much better, lovely clean take off and virtually no pitch sensitivity to throttle position. A quick couple of circuits, some climb rate testing and another good landing and I'm a happy bunny. Definitely more power and a better climb rate :D

40 minutes flight time and I've only used 1.5 litres of petrol :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

I'm going to enjoy this new motor,

Cheers, Alan

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I keep a pretty good record of my consumption, and that's what I get. There are a couple of things that might be impacting- I do get a belt slipping problem as the belt wears and my flights can be quite short, so will feature a high proportion of climb out. But even on my longer flights I will still be around 5-6 lts an hour.

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I am loving this machine :D:D

Five flights in now with some good learning experiences. I flooded the engine before the fourth but followed the procedure in the manual which was easy and effective.

I made another minor adjustment to the hang points and can now get in the seat more easily. The harness is spacious and very comfortable. I have even swapped to left handed throttle, something I couldn't do with the previous motor.

I don't know if this matches others experience but I think forward launches seem to be a bit easier with the low hang point setup.

Only one small disappointment, the motor is no quieter in the cruise than my 2 stroke but I suspect that is a combination of factors. The 2 stoke is a Fresh Breeze which are known to be relatively quiet and the lower tone of the V5 is probably not so well muffled by my headset.


Cheers, Alan

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