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Vuelo para los niños - charity flight across Spain

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Yes, amazing! Have been watching the videos daily. Can't believe how quickly you did it. Will be interested to see the full itinerary in due course.

Congratulations, indeed.

Here you go:

Day 1 Suances to Reinosa 31 miles

Day 2 Reinosa to Osorno 43 miles

Osorno to Aranda de Duero 61 miles

Day 3 Aranda de Duero to Cantalejo 31 miles

Day4 Cantalejo to Otero de Herreros 33 miles

Otero de Herreros to Valmojada 41 miles

Valmojada to Ocana 36 miles

Day 5 Ocana to Villarta de San Juan 49 miles

Villarta de San Juan to Santa Cruz 41 miles

Day 6 Santa Cruz de Mudela to Ubeda 43 miles

Ubeda to Darro 46 miles

Day 7 Darro to Castel de Ferro 43 miles

Total 498 miles

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I did a bit of detective work on google maps and saw that last village you passed over in the video was Gualchos so I knew where you finished up. I knew roughly where to look because I knew about all the greenhouses, along the coast there.

Many congratulations.

I watched the video at work today with no sound , and only just now listened to it, and heard you say you were going to visit Gualchos!

So much for my scouring Googlemaps to work it out!

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Back on topic! :-)

This epic adventure was done for Save The Children. This is one of us, he is a fellow Paramotor Pilot a quid from everyone would make a massive difference :-) Look after your own and all that


VERY well done mate. :-)


Thanks Simon!

And thanks also for the donation!

I'll fly down to Membury soon. It doesn't seem so far now! :-)

All the best,


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