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Hello everyone & Taking apart Micro avionics pm-100


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Hi folks

Thought I'd say hi, I'm Sam, I live in Brackley Northants, not to far from Banbury or Bicester, any one near me? just about to start my training with simon, just waiting for a good day! Can't wait to start!

I have acquired (from my old man who started paramotoring but never carried on as he has motion sickness apparently) a micro avionics pm 100 headset, I purchased a music & phone lead for it to test it out but it doesn't seem to work at all. I have charged the battery and checked the dip switches behind the Velcro panel are of a standard setting. Does it need a radio plugged in to hear music or should it work? I assume the later but thought I'd check, he only used it twice so can't imagine there being a lot wrong with it. Does anybody know how you take the red pieces off of the ear cups, as I want to check for a dry joint (bit of a long shot I know) unless any body has any other suggestions? Do they just pry off? I have taken the gel ear pads off but don't want to damage anything.

Thanks in advance

Sam :-)

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Best bet would be to send them to Eddie at micro avionics for a full update :-) new batteries, an led to send that they are switched on and stuff....


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