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Ozone Viper 3

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very similar to ozone Delta 2 EN C,with short experience with shark nose wings,its amazing,really bomb proof ,I don't know any reflex construction wing but shark nose its excellent.

you" cannot stall" the wing if so its very nice steady reaction if you get side collapse, just little weight shift to other side and you can carry on fly , without worry the rest recovery it self,but most para motor pilots flying in nearly death weather condition nearly no wind,no thermals before evening or early morning (no fun at all :( ),in this condition you can fly on any type of matress :lol:

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After reading and understanding the Shark Nose Technology on Ozone's website, I am convinced that this is the way forward.

My dream is to combine both power and free flying in the one flight...thus allowing more air time for less fuel used and getting to places you normally couldn't get with just free flying. I think the Viper 3 sounds like it can achieve this and much more.

The Roadster 2 also has Shark Nose Technology, not sure if it has been released yet, but I imagine it would also be safer and probably a starting point for less experienced pilots.


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Hi Carl, probably the Kougar 2 from Niviuk would be more the direct competitor for the Viper 3. More of an XC cruiser than a comp slalom wing.

I hope the V3 gets some form of EN/DHV collapse resistance proof, as I enjoy a little thermalling and need some mental comfort of what it will probably do in the event of a frontal or assymetric at least.


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We will hopefully have two demo Viper 3's in size 22m and 26m very soon.

As this is a high end comp wing only very Experienced pilots with a solid Paragliding background need apply...

It has NO EN certification but has been load tested and will have a DGAC certification very soon. Details will be uploaded to Ozone's web site very soon.

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Max weight for free flight on the 22m2 is 95 kg. That's pretty high weight for such a small glider.

I wonder how it would compare with the rush 4 and delta 2.

Not quite sure why I want this glider but I do. I'm working on to get some local company to sponsor me with one.

Not getting an EN rating is a bit of a disappointment since I want to use it for free flight as well. Hope someone will provide a SIV video on it, but that usually takes some time.

Morgy, please give us a review when you have it, will you?

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Makes sense that you don't do reviews then. Except this time. This time you will :)

(but I see your point)

Won't take long though before people start uploading videos if they have it ready in stock.

Would be real nice with a glider that thermal well enough with or without motor and have enough handling to be fun to toss around.

If it is stable enough.

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Viper 2 got a good lowish ENC rating (sort of related to the soft ENC Delta 1)

Delta 2 had a relatively high ENC rating (related to Viper 3) so this might be why the Viper 3 will remain EN uncertified.

This will be a shame, as I'm sure a reasonable ENC rating would tempt more of us PPG/PG flappers.


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It does indeed look like a power delta 2. But the weight range is different from the delta 2 for free flight.

22m2 viper 3 has 75-95 kg weight range for pg

while the delta 2 has 75-95 kg for 24.4 m2

maybe one shouldn't read too much into that.

wouldn't mind having a pg with reflex though.

I think I'll get one if I get a sponsor, if I don't get a sponsor I'll wait and see what other say.

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The Viper 3 was only Officially released just after the World championships and was only available to order two weeks after. Delivery has been around 4 weeks, so far..

At the moment the Viper 3's are being made to order as far as i know.. IE non in stock...

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Okay, makes sense then.

Stability would be interesting to know, especially compared to the speedster.

I think the marketing of the glider is a bit odd from ozone.

"The Viper 3 is a classic competition wing designed for advanced pilots"

Its main purpose is all-round performance flying. It is a high aspect ratio design aimed for pilots looking for a wing with high efficiency, high speed, excellent climb and great XC performance. It is not suitable for training or for intermediate pilots. It is recommended to fly the Viper 3 using a harness with low hang points, to allow weight shift and active piloting."

That works for PG. But how many PPG pilots does that target. Very few in my opinion.

Anyway, most likely a good glider. Looking forward to hear more about it.

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Why is the marketing a bit odd?? it is a high performance wing... and as such for advanced Pilots. Is the market for an advanced wing that small?? i think not...

Just look at the Dudek Snake and Ozone slalom both hugely popular and uncertified high performance wings..

It has a high aspect ratio and as such will be Lively.. Its also a 3 liner..

All sounds ok too me, if your looking for an advanced wing thats fast with great glide and very efficient. I know im excited about it for my record attempts and comps..

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I think the market is much larger for slalom wings like ozones slalom and snake and so on, attracts pilots that like to turn and play.

Doesn't seem to be those people ozone target with the viper 3.

"While its handling is natural and it carves in an intuitive fashion, the Viper 3 has not been designed as a slalom wing. Its main purpose is all-round performance flying."

Can't find it now but somewhere they wrote that it turns more like a pg wing, flatter turns.

Sounds to me it is a pg wing with reflex. Perfect for thermaling, and fine as well for pg, but why not EN certify it then?

Anyway, it doesn't matter what i think about who it is aimed for, ozone have made some great wings so I'm sure it'll fit in that category.

I wonder how different it is compared to the niviuk kougar 2. Also a high AR wing, but marketed as "not a demanding wing". Time will tell.

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I had the chance to get both the 22m and 26m out of there Bags to inspect before flying yesterday.

As always Ozone have done an amazing job, I couldn't fault any part of the wing, The Colours look great "I was a bit worried ordering Purple" :lol:

The risers are very minimal two lines on the Front A the unsheathed lines are like cotton from half way up too the top cascade. The rest is Very minimal to say the least..

Today was a Grey drizzly with light West winds around 8mph, So i took the chance to go out to my local hill Butser west for some ground handling with the possibility to free fly.

The Inflation was incredibly easy "even with such small openings on the Shark nose LE". This wing really wants too fly; even on full slow i had too hold allot of brake too stand still, I started too play around with the front risers pulling down on one side slowly then releasing. There was no sign of a collapse. I then tried to pull down both front A's again nothing untoward, Pulling harder and harder the wing kept its form. Only when i pulled the A's down too almost the carabiners on my Free flying harness did the wing give up, It never tucked just surged forward and floated in front of me for a second then few backward and covered me in a tangle of Unsheathed lines... I was very impressed with this as she was set too full slow...

A few little hops too feel the stall point on the wing, "I think i will have to shorten the brakes just a little" I had to take one wrap to make her Stall...

Normally when i am out Free Flying on my Speedster when the wind is light I struggle to stay up with some of the HOT Ships but today was Different.. :lol:

The brake pressure is light but still has good feel to it. The tip steer is a little Odd, IMO. The tubing with two small balls slides along the tip line allowing different amounts of tip to be applied. These are connected to a small bungee that returns them too it's parked position.

Something i guess i will get used too in time but worked a treat..

Flying was easy and fairly fast (only flying on slow due too the wind strength) The Viper 3 responds to weight shift beautifully and makes flying Butser a Doddle "it's a fairly tight and technical site" She turns fast and really flat Until you crank it :lol: Then you can really start too feel the wings potential..

I can't wait too get this wing under my motor too see what she does...

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  • 2 months later...

Ordered one about 10 days ago. In purple of course. Right in ozones annual vacation. So I guess they'll process the order when they get back. Guessing I'll get it at the end of Mars.

Talked to some owners and it seems to be a good solid gilder, I'll treat it with respect though until I know it better. Going to use it for free flight as well but the 22 seems small for that, I'm on the top end of the weight scale, maybe a little over so I'm on a diet :)

I'll write my report when I get it and flown it for a while. Going to be a big difference from the 28 m2 speedster I'm sure, just the size alone makes a huge difference.

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