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Broken Adventure F3 Cage


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I need. LHS bottom and LHS top sections to my Adventure F3 Cage . ( 1996 Model )

(.Viewed from the Prop side) Its only done 20 HRS but. I managed to break where a tube was welded to the outer curved tubing whilst lifting my assembled motor across to my wing..Ive noticed a small crack in one of the welds in the other section.

If anyone knows if and where this can be welded ( its very thin Aluminium tube ) let me know. I live near Market Harborough in South Leicestershire.

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Afraid I dont know of anyone in your area that can fix it but chris h on this forum done a lovely job on both my adventure cage and Normans parajet cage. Maybe a trawl through the yellow pages or the like you would find welders and fabricators in your area one of them should be able to do ally.

The Adventure cage is particularly flimsy and through my experiance ( 2 props and 1 and half cages) will destory its self and usualy the prop in any sort of hard ( read overly firm ) landing and I would highly recommend replacing the adventure cage with a Nirvana cage. The built quality is vastly stronger, better finish as well, will take the occasional duff landing . Only unfortunat thing is that you cant realy do it a section at a time as the end finishes at the cage joints are different also to make it fit the moulded chassie properly you have to take a half inch off the bottom uprights where they plug into the body and adding it to the top ones in the same place. I know it sounds a fagg but its well worth it I havent done any part of a cage or a prop since I fitted it and not all my landings have been great. Its or at least was the same price as the adventure one which the first time you trip will return to their original form tent poles. Also the weeks wait for the replacement part to come from france can be frustrating, Nirvana stuff is avaliable from Pendle ppg in lancashire so two maybe three days if its in stock.

Although I havent checked it out the nirvana kit and the adventure kit looks pretty similar all over so may be a good source of other spares for our adventure stuff . If I get any more info on that I,ll let you know prob via this forum. any way hope that helps.

One last bit if your ever looking for a new prop TP propellors do one that suits our kit and if I remember right was about £75 delivered. A little less thrust and not as nice a finish as the original adventure one but does the job with a little less torqu due to being lighter and at less than half the price.

Hope your back in the air soon.

Cheers Col.....

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Hi Again,

just had a thought about what I said about cutting off a half inch of uprights if you drilled out the rivits holding the two ally tubes in the body that the cage mounts on and move them or change them till the cage fits right then rivit them back in place would save any welding. At least I think that would work.

Cheers Col

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