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Warm weather expected in August (Summer).

As previously forecast, August will start off rather mixed with low pressure becoming more influential bringing periods of rain and showers at times. We also stated that from around mid-month conditions will start to settle down as high pressure will try to filter in again.

This will undoubtedly lead to temperatures rising as is the norm during summer months once a settled period develops.

We fully expect temperatures to push close to the 30 °c in any longer periods of sunshine, however, to suggest that over 38°c will be breached is clearly not possible to forecasts at this range. Let’s face facts did we really get 100 days of snow!!!

There is no metrological evidence within this article to back up claims that the 38°c will be breached, the forecasters who suggest this may be possible, are the usual long range suspects who charge for their forecasts, so naturally, they will be inclined to ‘ramp’ up such scenarios as they want people to buy their forecasts.

The tabloids are no different, big apocalyptic headlines to grab the attention and to get sales figures up. We have also observed some weather companies back tracking on forecasts previously made, for example, Netweather had suggested in their forecast for August published on 22nd July, that the northern half of the UK would remain under high pressure, which would be stretching right across from Scandinavia. However, on the 28th of July they now suggest that a more cyclonic (low pressure) flow will be prominent in the North & West of the UK, a complete reversal.

The Met Office have suggested that from the 14th August – 28th August, there is no particularly strong signals regarding weather patterns over the UK during the latter part of August, conditions are more likely than not to be close to climatology. Now that’s what you call sitting on the fence, it’s good to see that the constant flow of funding by the government, has gone to good use.

We fully expect a mixed start to August, then from around mid-month we suggest that conditions will start to settle down with pressure starting to build, which will lead to sunny periods with very warm temperatures, which is nothing unusual for a summer month. Any suggestions that temperatures will climb close to 39°c will have to be taken as fictitious due to no evidence being put forward within the article.

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- See more at: http://www.ukweatherforecast.co.uk/shoc ... zzD5r.dpuf

Taken from www.ukweatherforecast.co.uk for your interest.


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