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Changing clutch on PPA125


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I did it this way:

1. got a decent strap wrench (or a tool designed to hold/turn round items) something like:


Mine has an aluminium handle and a strong rubber strap/gripper. I used this to hold the clutch, while I undid the nut.

2. used flywheel puller to pull off old clutch (if it proves a pain to get off with gentle persuasion). The first time I did this it was a PITA, the second it came off easily without having to use the puller. My puller looks something like:


3. replaced clutch with new one along with key

4. tightened nut with torque wrench using the strap wrench again to hold the clutch.

5. had cold beer (not warm like you silly northern hemisphere folks).

You could also do it by:

1. stuffing copious amounts of starter cord down the spark plug hole (stops piston from moving)

2. use wrench to undo clutch nut (make sure you are not pulling on the starter cord/handle by turning the engine over)

3. use brute force, or flywheel puller to pull off old clutch

4. replace clutch with new one, along with key

5. tighten nut with torque wrench (make sure you are not pulling on the starter handle/cord by turning the engine over)

But I guess personally I just don't like the strain that puts on the big and little end bearings.

In any case, depending on whether you are a "tool guy" you'll may need to find a flywheel puller that has arms small enough to fit behind the clutch and perhaps a strap wrench too. A decent tool shop should have what you need, and not much $ now that most of this stuff is made in china.

If you need to replace the clutch bell as well, pap has a video on how to remove it at:



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