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Midland G7 interference problem

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A friend and I have Midland G7 radios. The radios work fine on the ground, but are almost useless in the air. Reception is broken up or non existent. I have attached my G7 on the paramotor frame to be as far as possible from the motor and on the opposite side to the throttle cable.

Has anybody got any ideas to get these radios working?



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Thanks for getting back to me.......

Not sure whether the radios work in the air when the motors are not running. I can't see why they wouldn't as they have tested fine on the ground, we are also flying Miniplanes, so not much in the way of wiring. Anyway, I will try this out the next time that we are up.........but the weather's not looking good for the next few days.

I an using an NGK B9ES.


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