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Powered hops?

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Hi all.

Has anyone used powered hops as a part if their training?

As far as I'm aware it's powering up as if to take off but just climbing a small distance before shutting off to flare and land. ( if I understand it right).

Reason I ask is it sounded better to me to just climb out, go round and put in a landing rather than hop.

Wondering what the more experienced views are.

Cheers Lee.

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Agreed. If landing and taking off are the most difficult and dangerous bits of flight, I can't imagine an instructor or a student would want to do both so close to each other. A nice relaxing circuit in between is a much better idea.


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Part of my training was aborted launches.

This involved powering up and running, then shutting down and bringing the wing to the ground under control.

This was done without leaving the ground and I have to say the practise was useful as I have had to abort a launch on more than one occasion.

I'd rather not find out what happens when I power down at running speed when the wind is pulling me towards a fence, ditch etc.

For the abort excercise, I was told that if I left the ground I should fly the circuit and land normally.

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Powered Hops can be a useful exercise, but ONLY when there is sufficient wind to do it safely. Student must have good throttle control before they undergo this stage.

Must not be done in low wind situations, due to excessive forward speed.

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