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Help with my Ozone wing & Pap top 80

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Can anybody help, I have a new ( now a year old) Ozone Spark (m) and a Pap top 80, I weigh 65kgs and have flown about 30 times ish on this equipment but have the same issue all the time. I have to constantly fly with my right brake on a lot to fly straight, weight shift has very little effect. I know there is a torque effect however this feels beyond torque. There was a slight twist in the frame which I have rectified, I have measure the prop from both sides of the swing arms and they are dead square with the frame/prop & harness.. My buddy flies the same equipment but larger size as he weighs 90kgs and flies virtually hands free.. If I adjust just one of the trim risers, would this help compensate and would it be safe? Thanks in advance...Kevin

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