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I had a look at the 'Supa Tuna' page....

The kit appears to be an O2 sensor. There is no reason why it would be any different to any other O2 sensor kit, so hardly a new innovation.

Tuning a paramotor engine is probably easier than most other engines, because it is under full load and our low flying speed makes little difference to the load/rpm when in flight.

The trick is not so much in knowing that the mixture is wrong, as in knowing why it is wrong.

In a 2 stroke, this could be air filter, induction plenum volume, induction tract length, reed valve restriction, transfer porting, leaks, exhaust porting, exhaust back pressure, exhaust tuned length and probably a few other factors.

If one was intent on adding an O2 sensor system to one's engine, why not close the loop and replace the carb with an injector?

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