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Bloody Fancy Driver Update Program


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Off Topic but I am asking anyone, anywhere that might have a clue about rectifying this . . . . . :?:

After a nasty experience with Norton I became a user and fan of AVG. I succumbed to one of their ads for their Driver Update thingy; paid good money for it too. Since running it I have lost audio; I keep getting told that no device is installed & YouTube vids stutter & crash too. Their 24 / 7 support outfit has not responded to 3 attempted contacts. The restore point created by Driver Update does not restore.

I've found likely looking drivers on various sites including Sony's (the PC in question is a Sony Vaio SVJ2022V1EWI). None of these fix the problem.

I am flat out of ideas now. Any help / suggestions out there? Bad mouthing AVG widely online might make me feel better but . . . . . . :twisted:

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option 1. can you restore to previous point, days, weeks or even months before the driver update program? Disable AVG before running restore.

option 2. Remove AVG, then use device manager to roll back all effected drivers, or download drivers from Sony (don't get them from anywhere else). Then download and re-install AVG without the crappy driver upadate thingy

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