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How to stop a piston moving

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I am trying to replace the drive belt on my solo 210 motor (Fresh Breeze). It has an electric start, so first I have to remove the big starter cog. However, here is where I am rather stuck. Firstly, I removed the two allen bolts which now I don't think were meant to be removed as they snapped off as I turned them (so now I have to get the holes re-threaded - motorbike shop perhaps?). Now I realise that I have to turn the big bolt in the middle in order to remove it. However, when I turn this of course the whole assembly turns the engine over. In the manual it says to put in the 'piston block in the spark plug hole' - is this something I have to buy to do the job? Or is there any other way of stopping the engine turning when I undo this very very tight bolt?

Don't you just hate it when you bugger up your motor during a period of beautiful flying weather?!!

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Take the plug out, turn motor till piston bdc. Then stuff a length of cord into the cylinder till it's full. That's about as technical as it gets.

the piston will now lock out as you undo the nut , job done :-)

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