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Simonini Mini 2 Plus Running Setup


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I have a Simonini Mini 2 Plus with a Walbo WB37C carb and it wont run full revs as it boggs down after half throttle.

If anyone else has this engine, how is your carb set up and what oil ratio are you running?

The manual says 3% but 150ml per 5L seems quite a lot.

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2 percent from new fully synthetic.

Start and warm the engine then with someone helping you run the motor full throttle and adjust the high jet

IN until it starts to lose revs (note the position)

OUT till it loses revs (note the position)

now adjust it so it is mid way between these points and that should be right.


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I have just tied this and the stupid thing still wont rev properly, full throttle does not sound smooth at all.

I have also replaced all the fuel lines, the filter in the tank and removed the primer bulb incase that was starving it of fuel but still no luck.

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Adjust the low screw in 1/4 of a turn and try it again, if it is still the same turn in 1/4 turn again till it runs ok or bogs down on acceleration. if it does bog down open the low screw back up a little at a time until it picks up cleanly

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