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Finally Bought! temptation to fiddle!

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Hi everyone!

after a while waiting, I have finally bought the kit! Dudek Reaction 27 and an Axb Hawk Vitorrazi easy 100 electric start!

But I was wondering whether anyone else gets the urdge to fiddle with it? Over the last 24 hours I put together and taken down the cage atleast 5 time to carry it around! However, the reason for this thread is that I'm looking for some advice please on cleaning and just general TLC. The previous owner left it to collect dust and it is a host to many weld marks and splodges from when, from all i can guess, had a little bump one day. I'm not looking to do anything major, but could anyone please tell me whether it is safe to sand down and paint the swing arms with Vht paint, and any other general cleaning techniques like cleaning the exhaust and re oiling? I know these are basic but i would like to get it right!



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I know that feeling well, when I bought my first motor I think I went out to the garage and just stared at it on a regular basis, just giving it a once over never does any harm, get a set of spanners and just go around all the nuts and bolts to make sure they are tight, you should do this regularly to a two stroke anyway as they vibrate like hell, as its been sitting it wont do any harm to put a new plug in it, just give things like the harness a good visual inspection, make sure nothing is starting to split or now seams are coming apart, pay particular attention to anything that may come off and go through the prop, check the prop bolts but don't be tempted to over tighten them, you will crush the prop hub.

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Thanks David,

I'll do that then and double check everything! I have someone who is going to clean the exhaust for me and tune it as it was down in a few Kg's and adjust the cage as its a bit out after the bump someone had, but I'll change the plug and things! I'll get some photos up tomorrow evening! Practical driving test tomorrow so early night for me now! Haha its not pretty, but at 1k, it was still a bargain with only 50 odd hours on the motor itself and a brand new prop! :)


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