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Bailey V5 electric start conversion


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Does anyone know if it is possible to convert the Bailey V5 to electric start? I know Bailey sell a version with it fitted so I would assume it could be retrofitted? I can start it on the ground okay but would be nervous doing it in the air.

Also has anyone used a different throttle to the stock one? My V5 is in a zenith frame. The school motor I trained on had the parajet zenith throttle which had a knob to lock the throttle off and I would like a similar feature on mine.



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It is "possible" to convert a V5 to a V5e as paul does sell a V5E electric start (for trike/SSDR)

1)The trouble is there is no where to attach a battery to the chassis.

2) Paul exhausted many Battery types/options to find a light weight Battery that worked with the charging system on the V5 to no avail.

3) you don't need Electric start on a V5!!! there so easy to start on your back or in flight... Why bother...

4) I doubt it would be cost effective to buy the ring gear,Starter Motor,Regulator,Battery, to convert it.

Personally i think throttle locks are dangerous!!!!



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Ditto on the throttle lock... crap idea.

I have a little hack that I do on the school machines to make sure that it can not be used.


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