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Ground handling harness and Dudek wing


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Skybound I will obviously bow to your greater knowledge, but that's the first time I heard that said.

My dad started out with the reaction and has been repeatedly told that's not the wing to be learning on.

Having the the synth myself I always found the reaction to be very twitchy, coming up very fast and requiring very little brake input. As a result being hand fisted at first with clumsy brake inputs the wing wasn't very forgiving compared to the synth.

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I terms of safety both are ENc. The classic Snyth is slightly more docile in its agility and needs to be encouraged to be more playful. But if bugget dictates then it's a perfect wing for the money and with no known vices.

Like I said earlier, apart from trim range it won't be left behind by any wing of comparable size. There's plenty of modern wings that still don't come close to the old Reaction.

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Hi Michaelt,

Sounds a very good buy to me with only 40 hrs.

I fly a ReAction which has close on 200 hrs and can't fault it.

One thing though, try to load it up to the minimum of the weight range - 80kg - preferably a bit more to put it into the middle of the weight range, when you do progress to flying it.



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I will keep you all informed, fortunately I am under a watchful eye of a very good instructor who's flown them before, so I am confident I will enjoy it and have the ability to enjoy it even when I gain experience as its rated as beg to inter :)

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