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7,800 ft selfie

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Here's a random question! What have you done to your netting? Dabs of silicone to keep the spacing even?

Sorry for the delay Pat, didn't have much internet.

The netting is very prone to letting anything through that pushes on it (like a hand) and becomes almost ineffective so the blobs act a bit like the knot in regular netting. You can use anything which sets solidly I guess but I used Sugru. It's a bit expensive for the amount you get but it is remarkable good, it currently holds my Landrover injector leak off pipes together after one ruptured, my entire dishwasher plumbing is 'adapted' to fit using it, my LR side window rubbers perished and cracked and are now made from Sugru, my old Polini throttle was remodelled using it, the list is endless.

Just give it 48 hours before flying with it as I found that after 24 hours the prop can suck the blobs off and they make a hell of a racket as the prop fires them off into space. Mine have been on there for about a year and no problems, they are all still there and the netting is safer (IMHO).

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