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Mix up with paramotor parts PAP and HE?


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Hi all,

So I am training here in Guatemala, and my trainer ordered parts form PAP thinking they would fit my HE engine from Blackhawk Paramotors (the BH 125). Long story short, the piston did not and I am waiting on a piston from HE now in Guatemala.

What I can't find out though is if the other parts he ordered will fit my motor or not.

Basically he has ordered a clutch RP205 http://www.papteam.com/pap_tienda/productos_ing.php?submenu=9&familia=59&ver_pag=15

A starter RP409 http://www.papteam.com/pap_tienda/productos_ing.php?submenu=8&familia=57

and a breather valve RP223 http://ukppgwebstore.com/pap-breather-valve-7979-p.asp

He also ordered a carb kit for a walboro 24 which I already know does not fit my carb.

If anyone out there knows whether the other pieces would fit or not I would really appreciate a heads up as I would then need to get my money back from him before I leave Guatemala.

Thanks guys


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