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Which paramotor is Uk most favourite?


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I have access to an ec extreame simmonini mini2 , a solo 210 fly castaloucio and a bulldog moster. The bulldog is by far the lightest, stronger build quality and a toss up between bulldog and simmo for most powerful.

For me the bulldog is favourite.

Cheers Lee.

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I would guess that numbers wise Parajet has most likely got a large chunk of the UK market.

Everyone I know has at least 1 :-)


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I have an 'old school' Bulldog Thor 110. I hated it for ages & fell out with it (& Clive). Having said that it is running better & better & I am starting to appreciate some of the thought that has gone into the design. Maybe not the UK's favorite But I don't mind it.

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Bailey 175.

There is no reason why the largest suppliers or most popular motors would necesserily be the most well repspected brands.

There are pros and cons to every aspect of popularity. You will probably find many more complaints about the most popular motors, simply because more people have them.

This is similar to asking 'what's the best car or bike?' It depends on what you want to do with it and on your personal requirements and taste.

I fly a Bailey because I believe 2 stroke engines are a work of purest evil. I don't mind that it's dated and heavy. I could have aquired a lighter, more powerful and more modern 2 stroke motor, but I like my Bailey in the same way that I like my old british bikes and car.

The only real advice I can offer would be this: Get as much experience as you can before committing your hard earned cash. Your own experience is worth considerably more than any number of popularity polls.

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No-one knows the answer to your question.


Most sold in UK in past 5 years is probably Parajet.

Most highly rated by owners in survey was Miniplane.

Most common at recent fly-ins I've been to (Wacky Winglands, GNFI) was Bulldog.

I suspect that my input here was probably no help at all.

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Thanks Pete,

you've just made my day with your comment......"I fly a Bailey, because I believe 2 stroke engines are a work of pure evil."

Coming from someone who has over 35 years experience with 2 strokes, and chooses to fly a 4 stroke, (meaning you Pete), that speaks volumes in my book.



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I've just moved on from an old Solo 210 based 2 stroke to a Bailey V5 4 stroke.

They are almost the identical weight, in fact the Solo is a tad heavier.

Where the V5 scores is the weight is higher and closer to your back, so it feels lighter when on the ground.

The harness is really comfortable so I'm well pleased. The V5 weighs in at 28.4kg dry.

Unfortunately you won't get a 4 stroke any lighter than this, unlike quite a few 2 strokes.

cheers, Alan

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I needed a unit to re-instate my confidence after my last one snapped in to 2 pieces. I didn't want anything that could crack and potentially send me into a spiral dive.

The Bulldog has answered this very well. Easy to prime and start on your back. Stability in strong thermals whilst there is still enough weight shift to make gentle turns on XC. Comfy adjustable harness. Only one niggle for me was the frame could've been a tad bigger so I could spin a 130 prop but I still get about 450 ft/min climb and approx 4-5 ltrs/hour burn. I've a hunch that customer service would be good but haven't had to ring him yet

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Farmer Dave has reminded me:

Another advantage of four stroke engines (apart from being cleaner, quieter, more reliable and having more linear throttle response) is the fuel consumption.

I am about 78kg and on a 29.5m² Ozone Indy wing I get about 2 to 2.5 litres per hour.

While a 2 stroke engine may be lighter, this is to some extent offset by the extra fuel required on take off.

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